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About Us

An Uncommon Nonprofit

The Home Network Center (THNC) may be the first national nonprofit designed to help people understand and cope with the amazing technology that’s coming into their homes. There are many colleges (.edu) and manufacturers and stores (.com) that offer online help, but THNC may be unique in its nonprofit role.

Our focus now is helping all Americans, especially the 119 million with access to the Internet.  In the future, THNC may be able to help globally, bringing responsible solutions to people in other countries and in other languages.

A Growing Set of Services

Gradually over the next several years, our employees and collaborators will work to bring you the latest information about home network products, systems, and  technology.  We will create educational programs called “Educational Presentations” to help you acquire or develop skills.  We will continuously search for new developments in technology and all of the industries industries related to home networks.  We will help you identify and learn about products you might like to use in your home.

Who Started THNC?

This 501(c)(3) nonprofit Ohio corporation was created by John K. (Jack) Farnlacher. It is an ongoing chapter in his career involving science, computers, retailing, engineering, manufacturing, small business, government, construction, clock repair, and communications cable technician.  He is an advocate of quality management, empowerment techniques, and advanced leadership training programs.

Jack is a veteran, a musician, and was a substitute teacher for four years. He is very proud of his “old” Wood Badge National Training Award from the Boy Scouts of America. He has been a member of Mensa since 1979 and is active in Columbus Area Mensa.