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Participating Member Category



THNC will offer three types of regular memberships in this category.

Professional Membership  —  Individuals that would enjoy collaborative exchanges with THNC.

Organizational Membership  —  Professional organizations that look for a higher level of involvement with THNC.

Supporting Membership —  Individuals and groups that want to sustain and develop THNC programs as well as to share special collaborative exchanges.

Perquisites and Focus of this Category

This category may appeal to professional individuals and organizations involved with the development of technology and scientific pursuits. You may also be dedicated to responsible development of this technology and have strong convictions of responsibility toward humanity.

These members will receive discounts on THNC products and services. Participating Members are automatically part of the member organization.

You may also enjoy the challenge and responsibility of the Representative Director Program. You can learn more on this website and in the General Reference Database — available to you during Free Trials and membership.

Membership Comparison

Membership dues are paid annually except for Lifetime. There are no other annual or mandatory fees. Dues are tax-deductible (to the extent allowed by the IRS), are competitive with other non-profit organizations, and reflect the amounts of materials, services, and privileges provided. More detail about memberships is shown on two Comparisons graphics.