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Member Organization

Extended Benefits for Members

Regular members will automatically be part of our member organization. It is intended to help provide individuals and organizations with ways to develop and pursue challenging and creative activities that are beyond the present limits of THNC and this website.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

You may choose to join or form SIGs. Every group has the potential for sharing specialized information among members with common interests. There may also be groups that expand the horizons of technology through shared, cutting-edge research and collaborations.

You might enjoy learning more about special applications of home networking products. Here may be support circles of members helpful for your specific projects and ideas. Uses for SIGs are potentially endless!

Member Gatherings

In the future, active groups of members may work to sponsor regional and national meetings. These meetings may take the form of trade shows, conventions (“CONs”), or annual gatherings.

Such activities are very complex, very expensive, take years to organize, and require corporate and member support. The best, most successful gatherings involve the guidance of experienced professional convention companies. You may enjoy being part of committees and task forces that provide vital services for the success of these gatherings.

Financial Support and Guidance

All member organization activities will be supported and monitored by THNC. Our board of directors will always be involved and will provide limited financial support.