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Virtual Exhibit Hall (VEH)

Introducing VEH

Here is your portal for everything new and currently available in the world of home networking. It is THNC’s database of information about new products, services, systems, protocols, and whatever else may be developed by inventors, manufacturers, and other organizations that may affect the public. Our purpose is to provide you with an easily searchable source of information for everything that’s relatively new.

Contents of the VEH Database

Before adding items to VEH, we use these criteria:

  • Introduced to the consumer market less than five years ago
  • Can be used in a home network – or –
  • Connects to or supplements other devices in a home network

Finding What You Need

VEH provides two ways to search its database, a keyword search field and product category check boxes. The keyword search engine lets you find words. You can search for exact phrases and also use Boolean Operators.

You can use product category check boxes to narrow your search to the specific type of information you want. You can click on any number of the boxes as well as none of them. Since each VEH entry may apply to several product types, your choice of boxes may produce a range of results. By not using any of the product category check boxes, you can search the entire VEH database.

Search Suggestions

A few ideas to find it faster and with less trouble:

  • Try combinations of Categories and Search terms
  • Click the box beside a category to find all VEH entries in that category
  • Enter a word in the Search field and click the Search button
  • See what else can be done at Help for Keyword Searches