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List of Specific Industries

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Here are NAICS codes for this category:

[ 541614 ] = Process, physical distribution, and logistics consulting services — Operations research consulting services

[ 541711 ] = Research and development in biotechnology — Biotechnology research and development laboratories or service in botany

[ 541720 ] = Research and development in the social sciences and humanities — Archeological research and development services

Category Description

A large part of the “Digital Divide” is the barrier between people’s limitations and complicated skill sets needed to perform detailed research. 

Many people have real questions and serious concerns, but they do not know how to get started.  They do not know how to organize their ideas to perform meaningful and productive research. 

In the future, intelligent computers may be able to help overcome this barrier.  Given an expense budget for use of the home network, people can be helped by home networks that can overcome these hurdles and share their findings with people. 

An exciting possibility is the teaching aspects of this situation.  Home networks help people to acquire new skills which in turn make further research easier.