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Appliance Centers

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 541350 ] = Building inspection services — Home inspection services

Industry Description

Today, kitchen, bathroom, and entertainment center appliances can be purchased in any store with enough floor space to display them.  In the future, this may also be true.  However, as appliances become more complex, fewer stores will be able to explain features, limitations, and all of the network compatible capabilities. 

It will always be true that some people will buy an appliance that is home network compatible but will not use it on a network.  For this reason, appliances may be able to function alone, showing appliance status on an LCD display. 

Other variations of stand-alone use may also be possible.  For example, attaching a refrigerator-freezer directly to telephone service may enable that appliance to automatically download software upgrades without the homeowner knowing anything about this capability.  In the future, appliances may be able to function interactively with utility companies and energy efficiency networks (such as the Energy Star program — http://www.energystar.gov/ ).  The appliance may query the system and learn when anticipated low-usage times will be and perform self-defrosting cycles accordingly.