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List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 541613 ] = Marketing consulting services — Marketing consulting services

[ 541720 ] = Research and development in the social sciences and humanities — Sociology research and development services

[ 541910 ] = Marketing research and public opinion polling — Marketing analysis services

Industry Description

This will become an ever-changing environment that studies ways that people invite or block business services that may enter their homes.  In the future, this may be for grocery shopping, entertainment services, home network maintenance, and medical services. 

It may be possible for companies to invite themselves into homes, snooping into private records, and trying to discover ways to benefit or take advantage of families.  Fire wall products may be created that partition home networks for full disclosure to selected health care providers while blocking all access from other types of business — especially those that continuously troll for open networks and unsuspecting people. 

Would people welcome pharmacists to have access to their medicine cabinets and automatically refill their prescriptions when the quantity or weight of pills went below a certain level?  Would people welcome grocery stores into their kitchens to automatically inventory the amount of green plants to be restocked when your refrigerator started to become depleted?  As with many part of our lives, home networks could be partitioned to safely allow access to places like medicine cabinets and refrigerators while fire-walling everything else.