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Senior Services

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 423430 ] = Computer and computer peripheral equipment and software merchant wholesalers — Computer boards, loaded, merchant wholesalers

[ 485991 ] = Special needs transportation — Senior citizens transportation services

[ 561312 ] = Executive search services — Senior executive search services

[ 623312 ] = Homes for the elderly — Senior citizens’ homes without nursing care

[ 624120 ] = Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities — Centers, senior citizens’

[ 813311 ] = Human rights organizations — Senior citizens advocacy organizations

[ 813410 ] = Civic and social organizations –  Senior citizens’ associations, social

Industry Description

How old are you?  This kind of service might mean something different to you if you’re very young.  You might think about ways that Sophomores can help those old Seniors who are teetering toward graduation.  Maybe open doors for them.  Give them a hand up or down stairs.  Help them remember where their cap and gown are stored. 🙂

For the rest of us, this section might have to do with providing assistance to older adults with one or more disabilities or impairments.  In the future, home networks may provide ways to compensate for these problems.  There are many ways to think about being a senior citizen, and meet you where you are living or where you would like to be.

Here are a few ideas about senior services…  You are a successful executive and always on the move; your home network keeps track of all your appointments, contact information, names and details for your meetings.  You are no longer able to drive, so your home network arranges transportation for each of the days you will be away from home.  You are legally blind so your home network provides reading services for your newspaper and helps you to know weather conditions and all that is happening in and around your home.  You suffer from a mild form of dementia and it is easy for you to get lost, both in your home and when you are doing errands.  Your home network monitors your personal GPS (global positioning satellite) device, makes sure it is with you, asks you if you know where you are, and alerts local police and friends to your location when you become lost; this works via special frequency wireless equipment that always goes where you go and is constantly in touch with your home network.

Support products that are designed for situations like these may be found in special stores that specialize in providing comprehensive support, training, installation, and ongoing involvement.  All of these things may be paid for by agencies that help seniors cope with life and which help them to stay in their homes and on their own.  Such products and services may be offered by a separate department in a larger business.