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Complete Industry Catalogs

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 511199 ] = All other publishers — Catalog (i.e., mail order, store merchandise) publishers (except exclusive Internet publishing)

[ 519130 ] = Internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals — Catalog of collections publishers, exclusively on Internet

Industry Description

In the commercial or business section of public libraries, there may be shelves filled with binders of business and industrial catalogs.  Traditionally, these are bound volumes that list all products available in one industry.  These binders may be loose leaf so that each can be updated occasionally rather than replacing the entire set with newer ones.

Today, there are online resources available.  Either with free registration (possibly for the purpose of gaining sales leads) or a paid subscription (for the same purpose), individuals and companies can learn all that is available.  In a single catalog, there may be tens of thousands of entries — companies, products, and services available to all customers.

Some of these catalogs are filled with every home network (home automation) product in many categories .  This may sound like a great idea, but the volume of information may add frustration to the search for best products.  Research for best products may begin with such catalogs; it clearly does not end with them.