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Home Network Directories

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 511140 ] = Directory and mailing list publishers — Business directory publishers (except exclusive Internet publishing)

[ 519130 ] = Internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals — Business directory publisgers, exclusively on Internet

[ 541870 ] = Advertising material distribution services — Directory, telephone, distribution on a contract basis

Industry Description

In the near future, THNC will begin offering members lists of qualified service providers, reviews and recommends really great products, and will try to prevent its members from being harmed by bad products and potentially bad companies.  In the longer future, national or global organizations may offer online directory services.  

These directories may not assign qualifications (vetting) to be shown except that companies produce home network products, offer related services, or otherwise are involved with the home network industry.  These directories would possibly be an extension of products already offered by companies in the directory business.  There may be sections for hardware, software, firmware, designing, manufacturing, selling, installing, subcontracting, retailing, and specific sections for every possible application. Directories may be printed, circulated on media, or available online via subscriptions.