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Electrical — High-Voltage Installations

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 238210 ] = Electrical Contractors and other wiring installation contractors – Electrical equipment and appliance installation

Industry Description

Licensed and experienced technicians install and terminate all traditional wiring found in homes.  The National Electrical Code (NEC) and local codes govern all practices and materials used.  Normal circuits use 115 or 120 VAC (volts, alternating current) while special circuits may use 230 or 240 VAC to provide power for kitchen ranges and ovens, clothes driers, heat pumps, and air conditioner compressor units. 

Romex cable is installed between a circuit breaker in the service entrance panel box and the particular devices to be powered — wall switches, light fixtures, receptacles, ceiling fans, kitchen appliances, clothes washer, furnaces, etc.  Size of electrical cable, cable wire configuration (presence of ground wires, accepted types of insulation, etc.), types of receptacles, and the correct types of circuit breakers and service entrance panels are all defined by the NEC or other codes. 

The power usually carried on power poles for use in homes is single phase power.  Three phase power is usually rare in homes, is frequently found in manufacturing and other kinds of businesses such as dairy farms.  Higher voltages and three-phase power provide electrical energy more efficiently and require smaller, less expensive cables and conductors.  It is common to see 480 VAC used in businesses with extensive overhead lighting and large coolers or freezers.