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Home Improvement

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[444110] – home improvement centers

Industry Description

Now and in the future, customers hoping to purchase home network components and systems — at any business  location — should remember the expression caveat emptor (let the buyer beware; i.e., one buys at his own risk).

At any time in the future, when a home improvement store or chain of stores begins to carry home network products, it may represent a long-term commitment to customers.  There may be specially trained employees who were previously employed in a home network industry and/or have been educated in the use of products that home improvement store carries.  Information received from such employees should always be vetted against other sources such as THNC.  When a customer believes that this information is trustworthy and the products suitable for their homes, then they should consider making their purchases.

On the other hand, any number of very large and successful stores may buy isolated products for sale without any long-term commitment to customers for supporting those products or continuing to be a supplier.  Whenever these companies see opportunities for profit, customers are likely to see home network products appear on store shelves.  Please be wary of such sales, not because products may be inferior but because sales clerks may not be qualified to provide good advice and because next week, when all of the products have been sold, there may be no future shipments of that item and no future shipments of similar products to replace or upgrade the product that you bought.