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Quality Environments

Dr. and Mrs. Deming – December, 1970

We believe that our dedication to quality management concepts will help THNC reach its potential as a multi-dimensional nonprofit. Our commitment to quality is applied daily to everything we do through our Ethical Standard. 

This emphasis on ethics and quality, or “ethical quality”, is intended to create an environment worthy of the support and best efforts of everyone involved. We began our organization using techniques that many successful companies are also using.

Consider the analogy of the three-legged stool. Each leg represents an element of THNC, and all legs are necessary for our existence and our success. One leg is grant-makers and major contributors; another leg is THNC members; the third leg is THNC volunteers and employees.  All three are interdependent – financially, morally, ethically.

Dr. Deming in Japan – About 1980

Employees are encouraged to be active in the American Society for Quality, The W. Edwards Deming Institute, and other professional organizations. Here, we learn and apply quality concepts, including W. Edwards Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge. We are all encouraged to dedicate ourselves to ongoing participation, certification, and ever better awareness of ethical quality for THNC, our members, and for everyone else that may benefit from our work.