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Terms of Service (PRS Accounts)

Before using any Services accessible on this website, every professional individual and professional company (referred to as “Professionals”) having a listing in the Professional Referral Service (PRS) database, employees of professional companies, all regular and temporary members and Free Trial registrants of The Home Network Center (referred to as “Users of thnc.org” or “Users”) must recognize and agree to their legal responsibilities.

VEH and GRD are services that offer information about products, systems, and concepts involved with technology and home networking. Professionals and Users of thnc.org are required to determine the appropriate significance of each bit of information and how such information may have value in their lives. They have responsibilities involving properly applying such information so as to benefit themselves, their families or groups.

PRS is a service that shows information about responsible professionals. This service ends at the point in time of THNC’s displaying any PRS information on a computer screen. Professionals and Users of thnc.org agree that their responsibility begins at the moment when anyone viewing said PRS information on the screen and decides to apply said information to any project or application. All contracts between PRS-listed Professionals and Users are totally and absolutely the making and doing of the involved individuals and companies.

THNC has no implied or actual responsibilities or obligations in the processes revealed to Professionals and Users of thnc.org. Purchasing products described here, applying information and concepts explained here, and activities involving Users and Professionals listed in PRS, or information acquired from VEH and GRD — all require Users to exercise their personal and/or organizational responsibilities. THNC is not and will not become involved beyond the scope of our programs and our services, as explained in THNC’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Submission Rules.

For all Users of thnc.org and Professionals to proceed and to view any information on this website, all must agree to these conditions. Users with questions or uncertainties are encouraged to contact THNC before contacting the Professionals or otherwise applying information gained here. If questions remain unanswered, Users are strongly advised to contact appropriate legal counsel. Users should be confident about everything they do, including their contacts with all Professionals. All communications, consultations, contracts, physical and/or intellectual work, and any other situation for which billing and/or invoicing is created by Professionals or any other business or individual are solely the financial obligation of Users.

December 27, 2013

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