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Retail Store Practices

Service Schedule

This program has not been scheduled to begin. Grants will be needed to provide funding to hire additional staff and purchase needed equipment.

In the Future, at our Retail Store…

Members and the public will be able to buy lots of products related to home networking.  We will only sell vetted and THNC-approved items, to give you confidence is the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of every product.  THNC will have an ongoing program to create Educational Presentations, books of interest, and other products designed to help the public bring technology into their homes.  Parents may enjoy purchasing games, software, and books intended for age-specific groups of children.  Also available will be THNC memberships and gift cards.  Members will save money using their member discounts.

Convenience and Savings at THNC

Everyone has their own reasons for using THNC products and services.  We offer several options.  Hopefully, one of these will provide you with a level of convenience and savings that meet your needs.

Members pay their annual dues and receive a 20% discount on all products.  EP customers receive 10% discounts. Regardless of the price you pay, all products and services at THNC are unconditionally guaranteed.

Price Shrouding at THNC

In a store, you see two identical items side by side, one priced at 99 cents, the other priced at one dollar.  You would probably buy the cheaper one, even though its price was only a penny less than the other.  Stores have learned that shoppers prefer the use of this technique, called shrouding.  They will buy more products priced slightly lower.

There is a lot of science behind this practice – marketing, psychology, and retailing.  Buyers seem to be more comfortable when they shop in stores that use this kind of pricing.  THNC uses this approach to provide you with several plans with different discounts.  One hopefully will meet your needs.

Membership dues and retail store sales help pay for our programs.   By offering these payment choices, we hope that you enjoy shopping in our store, to help yourself and help THNC, too.