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The Free Market environment

Free Enterprise, Capitalism, and Business are wonderful ideas in concept and practice. Great wealth and success have created tremendous good for many people around the world.  Millions have been raised from the squalor of war and poverty and brought honor to themselves and their families.  Communist and socialist regimes embrace the free market to accomplish what had been impossible before.  And THNC supports all of this. Problems occur, however, when good people turn bad, when avarice and selfish arrogance overcome good business sense, and criminal behavior creates victims from well-intentioned customers. This is why some form of oversight by organizations like THNC is so important.


In many situations, the problem is not criminal.  It is ignorance.  If any crime exists, it occurs when good people have no recourse and are forced to make decisions based on ignorance…  “How do I find a source of information that helps me learn the basics?”  “How can I begin to know how products work?”  “Who will teach me which systems are better and how everything works together?”  “Who will help me to know what is important – and what is not?”

General Reference Database

As THNC becomes established, people will increasingly be able to turn to us for help as a trustworthy source of instruction.  For those capable of organizing their own searches, we will provide the GRD.  You can search this resource using words and phrases.  Most importantly, you can specify your technical level of proficiency.  While you are just beginning, your searches will return to you articles and descriptions written for the novice, explaining basic concepts and assuming that little is understood.

Virtual Exhibit Hall

To help you make informed decisions, we will provide the VEH.  Here, you will see descriptions of thousands of new products, systems, and technologies — simplified and managed for you by categories and keyword searches.  We will help you know all that is available in home networking and answer your basic questions about each VEH entry.  You will also know — if it’s in VEH — that you are seeing relatively new technology, because everything here has been on the market for less than five years.

Professionals Referral Service

To help you find reliable professionals, we will provide the PRS.  Here, you will find a national database of vetted professional individuals and companies.  Each has successfully applied to THNC and has presented credentials that have qualified them for being listed in PRS.  To help make this transparent to you, the Professional Application for each professional is displayed for you to read along with their THNC-supplied webpage.  Keyword and proximity features help you find the services you need, hopefully close to you.

Educational Presentations

For those that are not sure how to proceed  and prefer a more focused approach, we will prepare EPs.  Each EP will provide four or five hours of instruction, helping you to acquire skills and understanding each topic in an organized way.  You will have our assurance that involved technologies and information being shared are the most current available.  We will help you learn what you need.  We will stand behind each EP with THNC’s unconditional guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Just the Beginning…

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this global dream are the ideas which are waiting to be developed.  You can see some of them in the Menu entry Services.  Even more are in their infancy, growing and maturing every day.  This just happens when powerful minds collaborate.  Dare to ask “What if…”  Nurture the Unknown!

“THNC” = “think”

The acronym THNC is also a metonym or synonym for “think”. THNC hopes to help our members to think about the home network technology they intend to bring into their homes and to share with their families.