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List of Specific Industries

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Here are NAICS codes for this category:

[ 236115 ] = New single-family houising construction  (except operative builders) — Residential construction, single-family, general contractors

[ 236116 ] = New multifamily housing construction (except operative builders) — Residential construction, multifamily, general contractors

[ 236117 ] = New housing operative builders — Apartment building operative builders;  Condominium operative builders; Cooperative apartment operative builders;  Custom builders, operative builders, multifamily buildings;  Custom builders, operative builders, single-family homes;  Duplex operative builders;  Home builders, operative;  Modular housing, residential, assembled on site by operative builders;  Residential operative builders;  Single-family housing construction operative builders; Speculative builders (i.e., building on own land, for sale), residential;  Time-share condominium construction operative builders;  Town house construction operative builders;  Vacation housing construction operative builders

[ 236118 ] = Residential remodelers — Addition, alteration and renovation (i.e., construction) residential building

Category Description

In olden times, homes were built without electricity, plumbing, or ventilation systems.  Today, no home design is even considered without all of these provisions.  In the future, home networks may be integral to the building.  No part of the overall design may be completed without specifying its networked capabilities.