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Digital Applications Research

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 334111 ] = Electronic computer manufacturing — Digital computers manufacturing

[ 334112 ] = Computer storage device manufacturing — DVD (digital video disk) drives, computer peripheral equipment, manufacturing

[ 334119 ] = Other computer peripheral equipment manufacturing — Digital cameras manufacturing

[ 541511 ] = Custom computer design services — Computer software analysis and design services, custom

[ 541512 ] = Computer systems design services — CAD (computer-aided design) systems integration design services

Industry Description

A century ago, all devices in businesses and in the home were analog machines.  There was almost no thought about digital machines or processes that could apply digital concepts.  Today, in our complex “Digital Age”, many traditional analog devices have been completely replaced with digital equivalents.   That is misleading, however, because digital applications have allowed or created tremendous capabilities. 

And research to more continues.  This work is done by individual manufacturers for use in their own products.  It is also done by manufacturers of integrated circuits to produce more products to be used in even greater arrays of new products.  In the future, such design work may be done by intelligent computers to help initiate new applications for home network products — things that no human had yet conceived.