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Specialized UPS Development

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[335999 ] = All other miscellaneous electrical equipment and component manufacturing — Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) manufacturing

Industry Description

An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) is an essential part of every home network system.  Since the network is attached to peripheral devices all over the home, it is possible that selected units will each have their own UPS.  Since power outages are becoming more common, whole house automatic generators are also becoming more common.  In the presence of such a system, each UPS needs only provide enough operational time until the transfer circuitry reapplies power to the home. 

Without an automatic generator, each UPS must operate until alternate power (storage batteries or portable generator) are attached to the system.  In the future, specialized UPSs may provide computer circuit voltage directly to the computer without needing to be inverted and stepped down again through a computer power supply. Such UPSs would be much more efficient, allowing networks to stay operational much longer.

Specialized development for UPSs may add several features to help maintain a home network if full operational status for much longer than a traditional UPS could.  Standby voltage, filtering, controlled shutdown — these are standard characteristics of the basic UPS device.  When greater and more diversified applications of technology come to the home, there may be practical markets for more UPS designs.  Perhaps solar cell and wind turbine electrical output can be applied directly to home network digital circuits.  Perhaps traditional UPS designs will be modified to allow computer circuit voltages to be output directly to the computer (instead of being inverted out of the UPS and dropped down again by the computer’s power supply). 

It is also possible that home networks will create a market for specialized UPS devices that become integral parts of home networks rather than as optional stand-alone devices as standard UPSs are today.