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Component Placement

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[541611 ] = Administrative management and general management consulting services — Strategic planning consulting services

[ 541614 ] = Process, physical distribution, and logistics consulting services — Inventory planning and control management consulting services

[ 561790 ] = Other services to buildings and dwellings — Lighting maintenance services (e.g., bulb and fuse replacement and cleaning)

Industry Description

Virtual systems will always require that physical limitations will have been correctly considered.  In the future, complex home networks may require that component placement planning be done before all other decisions are made.  Wireless situations will require that adequate signal strength is planned and is present among components.  Wired situations require that the correct cables will have been specified and installed. 

If component placement is poorly done, such as  inappropriate distances between devices or excessive sources of atmospheric interference between wireless devices, the virtual system may perform poorly or unreliably.  Component placement will be science and art, because all sources of problems may not be capable of being fully anticipated.  Placement must also include the location of all systems devices and considerations for system expansion and upgrades.