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Virtual Systems Support

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 541513 ] = Automatic environmental control manufacturing for residential, commercial, and appliance use – Computerized environmental control systems for buildings manufacturing

[ 511210 ] = Software publishers – Operating systems software, computer, packaged

[ 541512 ] = Computer systems design services – CAD (computer-aided design) systems integration design services

[ 541513 ] = Computer facilities management services – Computer systems facilities (i.e., clients’ facilities) management and operation services

Industry Description

In the future, the most important parts of any home network may be virtual.  This means they are real and important, but you can’t touch them or hold them in your hand.  Virtual systems are those involved with and supporting the functionality of home networks.  The term “virtual” may come to synonymous with “intelligent”.

In addition to the design, configuration, consulting, assembly, and installation services for physical components of home networks, there will be appropriate types of support for virtual aspects of home networks, including digital processing, computer functionality, and computer-based intelligence components.  Also included will be support for panel location and upgrade planning, cable choice, central device location, entry configurations, because virtual systems cannot work well without functional physical systems.

In the future, businesses may provide technicians that interface with your home network to discover problems, needed areas for improvement, and ways to extend virtual capabilities.  These businesses may also provide their online virtual systems wizard to examine your network, virtual-to-virtual you might say.