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Appliance Diagnostics

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 541350 ] = Building inspection services — Home inspection services

[ 811412 ] = Appliance repair and maintenance — Appliance, household-type, repair and maintenance services without retailing new appliances

Industry Description

Today, the best way to begin the repair of most appliances is having a skilled technician personally inspect it and apply years of troubleshooting experience to the repair process.  In the future, there may be capabilities that provide problem-solving analyses and diagnoses to such situations before the technician is called. 

One of the basic concepts being used by THNC is to develop ongoing ways to bring technology to the public.  This means that we will always be searching for new ideas and the means to bring real benefits to people’s lives. 

Let’s say that a home network-compatible appliance did not appear to be working properly.  Now let’s say that THNC had worked with a group of manufacturers to ship each new appliance with an on-board set of routines for providing factory-level diagnostics. 

In the future, people may have two ways to use these routines — with a cell phone app or through their home network.  The app could be told to create a PDF file that could be downloaded to the home network or another computer and transmit this information to the appliance repair shop.  The home network might take care of all this and even schedule an appointment to complete the repairs.