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Working with THNC

When we begin a national search for talented employees, this is where you will need to be. When this feature becomes active, all inquiries about full and part-time employment will go through this portal.

We believe that current technology will let us recruit employees and volunteers all across the U.S.A. Using Zapp teams, a flat management hierarchy, and our Quality-Empowerment leadership technique, capable employees will be able to work together effectively while living almost anywhere in this country.

Employment In the Future

We see the possibility of many people becoming THNC employees, working all across America.  We will look for people with a range of skills, including researching, document composition, technical writing, expressing themselves verbally, and capable of listening to callers’ problems. Most of all, we will look for people capable of multitasking.

Your “place of employment” might potentially be any place that has access to our telephone system and broadband Internet.  Your home office or a small satellite location close to you will help you stay where you want to be.

Who will we hire?

First of all, THNC per se will not hire you. Zapp teams will make these decisions, hiring new people from qualified applicants. The people that hire you will be the Team that you will work with.

If you enjoy state-of-the-art technology, helping people, and if you are ready for the challenge and responsibility of THNC’s Quality-Empowerment environment, we will encourage you to become a part of THNC.

You must show your maturity and ability to work unsupervised. We will encourage veterans to apply and people with family, physical, or mobility issues.

Overcoming the Digital Divide

We will try to help the public understand and use technology, opening to them the worlds of Science and new Technologies. We will help them overcome the Digital Divide. We will them Live with Joy in the challenging world of technology.