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Ethical Standard

The following statement expresses THNC’s intentions for operating our nonprofit.

For THNC to succeed and realize its potential, our standards and ethics must be above reproach.  In this competitive world, this is a requirement for survival.

Our responsibility is to evolve living standards for our behavior and provide the best services and products in the realm of home networks.  By working together, we are creating a transparent organization in which everyone — volunteers, employees, members, directors, collaborators, and service providers — understands what we are attempting to do and the resources available to help us accomplish our goals.

If this document has power, it isn’t because of these words, but the power of the purpose, drive, and excellence they demand.  Our commitment to our team and customers  makes this happen.  It empowers each person to use their skills for the betterment of humanity.  These concepts should provide the underlying principles.

We have set the highest standard we are capable of setting and are working toward making it better.  Every contact with members will reflect this standard.  We will make every choice and every decision as though our own family is directly affected.  We need to honor the public and the public trust in all that we do.

The value of this standard is not its exhaustive, all-inclusive language.  Its value is found in this simple challenge given to everyone associated with THNC.  Written differently, this challenge is for you to work at the highest levels of quality possible and to apply logic, goodwill, and decency to everything that you do.  Together, we share the authority and responsibility for developing the future we choose to have.

If you tolerate mediocrity and feel that questionable information is acceptable for the public, you should work elsewhere.  Your indifference to quality work and results will create irritation and frustration between you and more committed employees.

It seems that more people today will tell you that someone else owes them a living.  They have no responsibility for the results of their lifestyle.  This may be true, and it is not our role to judge behavior or beliefs of the public.  However, until everyone can live the same way, we will focus on working with people responsible for their actions and capable of seeing their role in the world as we believe it exists.

Let us never be guilty of inferior standards, of begging forgiveness for shoddy workmanship, or for asking people without principles or conscience to define the ethical standard for THNC.

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.”  II Timothy 2:15