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Professional Referral Service (PRS) Registration

Here are details of the registration process for companies and individuals applying for a listing in the PRS. Most professionals will be approved, so registration saves you time.


  • Clicking on “Login | Register” takes or returns you to the THNC Accounts page;
  • Clicking on “Register” in the Professional Referral Listing Account box begins the registration process;



  • When your Application is ready, click SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL and respond to “Are You Sure?”.
  • As soon as your Application has been submitted, THNC begins the vetting process;
  • Applications are not yet visible in PRS — only THNC’s staff can see them.


  • When vetting has been completed, you will be notified (letter, email, phone, etc.);
  • We can help you prepare content for your Professional Page.

Member Access

  • Upon approval, your entire Application will be available in the PRS;
  • Members may search PRS using keyword and proximity search fields;

Editing, Enhancements and Updates

  • You have ongoing access to your Application and your Professional Page;
  • Changes can be made at any time and will be visible soon afterward.