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Professionals Registration

Thanks for visiting our website.

Sign-up here for a Free Professional Referral Service (PRS) Registration Account. Registration includes an application which – when completed and approved by THNC – becomes part of the PRS database and is searchable by the public.

All professionals involved with home networks are invited to participate. You can learn more about PRS by clicking on the following:
Professionals Referral Service — general introduction to PRS
Professionals (PRS) Registration — application process, start to finish
Professionals (PRS) Application Contents — fields in the application

Start your account by completing this form. Asterisks (*) mark required fields.

Account Setup
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Business Information
Professional Name Company or Person
Other Names Doing Business As / Also Known As
Owners, Partners, etc.
Federal ID Number EIN
State of Filing registration with state secretary of state
State Identification Number with state secretary of state
Industry Categories * Please choose all the industry categories that apply to your business.

please enter keywords or keyphrases to help users find your business. Enter things like the services you offer, your location, etc. Separate each word/phrase with a comma.
Geographical Area of Service
Please provide your PRIMARY CONTACT INFORMATION below.
You can add additional locations once your account is created.
Business Street Address
Business City
Business State/Province
Postal Code
Business Telephone Area Code and Number
Business Fax Area Code and Number
Business Website URL
Business Contact Email
Describe your area of service: *

cities, states, etc.
References and Work History
Will you provide references if asked
by prospective customers?
How long have you been in this business?
How long have you been in related businesses?
What other businesses have preceded this one?
Home Network Specialties
List the types of services, industries served, and special skills of your company: *
Describe your best customer: *

types and sizes of jobs or contracts; services and products used; does your firm work alone or collaborate with others?; consumer or commercial; new construction or remodeling; new installations or upgrades
Bonding and Other Guarantees
Are you required by state law to be bonded?
Which kinds of bonding do you have?
Do you have written guarantees?
Do you have an established process
for problem resolution?
If needed, do you have provisions
for third party arbitration?
Are all provisions of company
arranties and guarantees in print?
Are warranty and guarantee descriptions part of
documents that customers must approve by signing?
Business Practices
Are your standards and practices printed
and available to potential customers?
Do you have a Code of Ethics?
Do you have customer relations standards?
Do you use quality management?
How else does your business protect
the interests of your customers?
Are all of your business practices
available to customers?
Job Completion and Followup
Do you have established practices for
following-ups after work completions?
Brochures and Customer Documentation
Are your business practices
available to customers?
Do you have brochures or other
printed forms for customers?

Thank you for filling out the THNC Professionals Registration form!

If you are done filling out the form, please click the "Submit for Approval" button below. Your information will be reviewed and moderated by a THNC administrator.

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