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Product Reviews

Service Schedule

This program has not been scheduled to begin. Grants will be needed to provide funding to hire additional staff and purchase needed equipment.

Critical Evaluations for You

When this service is introduced, members will have a place to go to read about every product and system that THNC has checked out. You will find categories of products and systems and a keyword locator.

These will be critical reviews and descriptions of products and systems currently available and in use. THNC will provide the benefit of our experience with each one and empower you to make better choices involving your purchases and use of these items. Our work may also help you evaluate better the descriptions you read from manufacturers, dealers, and installers.

The Confidence to Buy

This section will eventually be filled with products THNC has actually tested well enough to offer our evaluations. Here will be a summary of technical information — our experience with each product and related information that may be useful to you. We hope that our efforts will help you avoid mistakes, saving you great aggravation and unneeded expense.