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Professionals Referral Service (PRS)

What is PRS?

A database of information provided by THNC-approved, qualified professionals.  Each company or individual completes an application which must be approved by THNC for inclusion. Approved applications are then visible and available for searches. We hope to include professionals all across the U.S.A. with skills in all of the industries in home networking.

Sample Projects

Let’s say that you are looking for professional help. You want to design, fabricate, install, and test all or parts of a home network system. PRS will help you find professionals in your area. The PRS format has been designed to help you find important information and to help you decide which professional is best qualified to help you.

Recruiting Professionals for PRS

THNC’s process for adding professionals to PRS is simple and direct.  It involves approaching home network professionals and inviting them to complete and submit a brief, online application.  Each professional will be asked to show how their business practices honor and protect the interests of their customers. As soon as THNC has vetted an individual or company, their application is made visible in PRS and is searchable online.  Their own text, graphics, pictures, and URLs of their business website can be included.

Benefits of PRS Participation

A perquisite of participation in PRS is an ongoing, complementary membership in THNC’s Participating Membership category.  These are regular memberships, have all of the benefits of membership, and continue without cost as long as professionals choose to continue their listing in the PRS.

How Do Professionals Get Started?

Each professional needs to complete the PRS registration process.  Professionals use their email address and assign a password.  They can then access their PRS account and work on their PRS application, storing the application until it has been completed and is ready to be submitted for approval. Following approval, the full contents of their application will be available for keyword searches by members.

How Does This Help Members?

THNC’s goal is to help people locate qualified professionals. Our application asks professionals to reveal important details. This allows you to compare the responses of the professionals you have chosen. In fact, THNC’s print feature makes it easy to evaluate a complete application.

Want to use PRS?

To get your company listed, begin the application process. To search PRS, you need to register for a Free Trial. In the future, you will be able to subscribe to a member type in the General Member Category or the Participating Member Category.