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History of THNC

Technology in Our Homes

Our nonprofit began with a 1998 whitepaper titled The Digital Home Network (DHN): Our Homes as Digital Centers (it’s in our GRD; search for “DHN”). Initial thoughts about manufacturing home networks were impractical. More practical thoughts followed about forming a nonprofit for educating and protecting the public regarding technology in the home. Our name, nonprofit corporate organization, ongoing 501(c)(3) status, and this website are a reflection of our efforts to-date.

Where Are You Now?

We are indebted to J.C.Geever Inc. of New York for world-class grant proposal coaching. Lessons learned from our research and first proposals revealed several characteristics of foundations. Most are willing to fund new and ongoing projects, provide support for hiring employees, and other activities that help advance the goals of the foundation. Competition for grants is fierce. And grantmakers only award funding to nonprofits they have watched, sometimes for years.

We are also indebted to Marcy Design of Columbus for creative development and implementation of this website. Their successful experience in helping many, many businesses is reflected in the quality of the website before you. Since most foundations were unwilling to fund the creation of a new website, providing this online environment has become our first priority. Now, we are beginning again with an intense effort to locate suitable funding opportunities and foundations interested in our work.

Where Are You Going?

We are “beginning again”. We continue adding information to our service databases (GRD, PRS, and VEH). Funding will enable more hours of work and more rapid growth.

An important project is the creation of an information infrastructure. We will locate reliable sources about new technology, new products for the home, and a comprehensive list of sources for home network industries.

Another important project is the creation of a communications infrastructure. This will be used by THNC employees, our board of directors, expert collaborators, and service providers. One element is the development of our Power of Us award, graciously supplied by SalesForce Foundation.