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Planning for the Future

When our service databases are sufficiently developed, we will begin producing products such as videos, books, and Educational Presentations. The source material will be part of the General Reference Database, a collection of up-to-date and verifiable information about many topics in the home networking industry.

The initial cost of creating and maintaining these databases will be funded by grants, donations, and loans.  As THNC begins to offer services, such as membership sales, these programs will contribute to our annual budget.

Our goal is to be an entrepreneurial nonprofit.  This means we will work toward paying all of our expenses from our products, services, and membership fees.  We anticipate offering various products for sale, some of which are shown in the graphic below.  A variety of products manufactured by others will also be available when our retail store opens which will also generate income.

It is possible that THNC will always be dependent on grants and other kinds of financial assistance.  Our Statement of Purpose includes a challenge to always be developing our services and products to stay on the leading edge of home networking technology.  This means always being ready to ask foundations and corporations for financial support for new projects.

  • Educational Presentations
  • Educational Presentation manuals and other items
  • CDs, DVDs
  • e-Learning Products
  • Gift cards, cash cards
  • THNC-authored books
  • Books – other sources
  • Installation tools
  • Installation kits and parts
  • “Test Drive” DVD – introduction to THNC