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Introducing The Home Network Center

Thank you for visiting our website. Before you is a shell — a framework to support a series of service databases. We will do our best to help the American public learn about technology and networks in their homes and to these successfully in their lives.

Services Being Developed Now

Shown to your right, you see a list of services. Entries not italicized are those we are currently building —

Programs For the Future

Italicized entries are waiting their turn. All will build upon each other as our first three databases begin to mature and we have adequate funding to expand our work.

Free Trial

thnc.org is now operational. We invite you to sign-up for your Free Trial so you can watch our services grow.  When you Free Trial period ends, let us know and we’ll renew it for you.  We will begin offering memberships when our databases have “matured”.  This means when our services are — hopefully — worth the cost of one of our memberships.  As always, your opinions and suggestions are welcomed. We hope you find these databases useful.