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Help and Support

Our Ongoing Invitation

We are always listening. Your smallest suggestion is important to us, and we invite you to share with us your suggestions. Please use the Contact Us form to send your wishes, ideas, and whatever is on your mind. If our website can be enriched, we want you to tell us so.

Helping You – Coming Soon!

These are concepts that will evolve as THNC hires employees, and our employees will be available to assist people with questions.

In these early times, databases of information are beginning to be formed.  We will be able to respond to questions based primarily on our own knowledge and our abilities to help you search for answers.  Since each of THNC’s services represents a gradual accumulation of information in its respective specialty, our ability to answer questions about their contents will gradually improve with time.

A Very Large Challenge – For Us

One of the basic concepts of THNC’s services is the bringing together of physical data, records, and textual information.  Equally important will be the vetted sources from which all of this is gathered.  With more than 100 industries involved, you can imagine the potential complexity of such a support network.  You will feel the power of this network when a single question produces both focused, simple responses as well as detailed, in-depth, comprehensive responses.  It is for us to listen carefully to your questions and then to help you acquire as fully satisfactory answers as possible.