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Products and Services

Getting Started

Now that thnc.org is functional, THNC can continue our search for funding. We can demonstrate to potential contributors what we are doing and how the public will use our services. When our service databases have a significant amount of content (are “matured”), we will shift from only offering Free Trial access to also offering memberships. We will strive to be an entrepreneurial nonprofit. Membership dues will help to pay the costs of offering these services.

Value-Added Memberships

Each year that THNC is in operation, we will continue to add new services. We will increase the value of our memberships. By gradually expanding both the extent of existing services as well as adding new programs, we will provide more ways to meet the needs of more people. All of this centers on providing reliable, quality information about home networking, and bringing together on a single website current information from more than 100 industries.

Graphic Descriptions
At the Menu header Comparisons are two graphic charts that describe our program. Services and Activities shows the programs we are working on now and our plans for the future. Levels of Access shows how Free Trial and memberships will provide access and fulfillment for the public.