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The beginnings of THNC

Ideas for thnc.org began in the summer of 1998. Jack worked as a night-time plant security guard in Marion, Ohio. His work included lots of time to think. There were thoughts about inventions, but most were about uses of new technology in the home. Ideas developed into a technology-based nonprofit which became The Home Network Center (THNC) which led to our nonprofit status and this thnc.org website.

A White Paper about Technology

Jack wrote out and organized his notes. Editions appeared on December, 1998 and March, 2000. “The Digital Home Network (DHN): Our Homes as Digital Centers” described evolving new applications of technology, hybridized computer technology, computer-based intelligence, voice recognition and speech synthesis, digital protocols, telecommunication services, electrical and electronic devices. New hardware, software, and systems configurations are described. Advancements in computer capabilities are anticipated. Theoretical system behavior is described. The Home Network Center (THNC) was introduced, along with services this nonprofit would provide.

Delays Bring Improvements

Those exciting early days saw THNC receiving its 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.  A large board of directors met and worked toward the future.  Alas, progress is not always in straight lines. Between July 15, 2002 and March 28, 2005, THNC endured a hiatus as Jack attended to a failing marriage. This hiatus brought important changes. Original plans were for building local centers (LCs), but each would have been very expensive. Only a small geographical area would have been served. There also came increased awareness. We acquired experience in education, retailing, business planning, website design, online implementation, and grant proposal composition. We worked hard toward realizing our dream.

National Service with thnc.org

Now, the new focus became thnc.org and a website where all services are accessible via the Internet.  This new approach allows THNC to serve millions of people.  Continuing funding leads to maturing service databases and to the sale of memberships. Our goal is to become an entrepreneurial nonprofit. Member dues will pay a portion of the costs of these services.  Members will access thnc.org almost anywhere, benefit from a growing list of services, purchase products online from our store, and speak with our employees when they prefer a personal conversation.

Now The Same, Only Better

The greatest benefit of thnc.org is its relatively low cost per member.  This website has been expensive, but millions will benefit from its services.  This web-based paradigm remains consistent with THNC’s Statement of Purpose, Mission Statement, and Vision Statement. And our 501(c)(3) status is served better, too.  THNC will offer its services across America, in every community where people need our services.  In the future, we will offer THNC services without cost in public libraries and adult training centers nationally.

Other Services Being Planned

THNC will produce hundreds of Educational Presentations. These will be units of instruction that can be competed in several hours. EPs and books will be produced by THNC for e-learning and on DVDs, everything to educate members on many topics. And more ideas are coming to make thnc.org even more accessible and beneficial.

In The Future

In the years to come, local centers may be opened in population centers across America. LCs will provide first-hand availability to the latest technology. THNC will strive to serve humanity wherever home networking is being used.