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Representative Director Program

The Representative Director Program

In the future, we will sponsor a program that enables regular members to serve on the board. RDs will be elected by other members and comprise a percentage of the total number of directors. Each RD will serve a regular term, have the same duties as other directors, and be protected by our Directors & Officers (D&O) liability insurance policy.

A National Board for a National Nonprofit

It is our intent to build a national organization where employees can live almost anywhere and work effectively with their team associates. We will use the same basics – broadband Internet and a versatile telephone system – combined with video teleconferencing and the Power of Us award from SalesForce Foundation to empower directors to also live anywhere, communicating effectively and participating fully in all board functions.

Adding Your Skills to the Future of THNC

What qualifications do you have? Consider the significance of your involvement to the advent of our next major accomplishment. Consider your willingness to act on realizing your quiet desire to positively affect the lives of millions of Americans. And working together with your fellow directors, dedicated to the same goal.

Learn More About the Representative Director Program

A longer, more descriptive article has been added to the General Reference Database. During your Free Trial or as a member, you will have access to this description. Just search for “representative director”. It’s in the “THNC – Planning” section of GRD.