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Pathogen Detection and Removal

List of Specific Industries

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Here are NAICS codes for this category:

[ 423730 ] = Warm air heating and air-conditioning equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers — Air pollution control equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers

[ 541380 ] = Testing laboratories — Pollution testing (except automotive emissions testing) services

[ 924110 ] = Administration of air and water resource and solid waste management programs — Enforcement of environmental and pollution control regulations

Category Description

The word Pathogen is defined here as any microorganism or virus — man-made or occurring naturally in Nature — that can cause disease or otherwise harm residents of the home or the home network itself. 

Since every home network will have different capabilities, it is possible that some or all pathogens may not be detected by the home network.  And whether or not detection is possible, there is the implication that removal is also beyond the scope of the network. 

Here are a number of active detection and removal features.  Pathogens may also be avoided in other ways.  Airborne particles and organisms may be removed by mechanical filters or neutralized by electrostatic devices.  Dangerous websites may be similarly neutralized by heeding security software products that identify them as suspect.