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Computer-Based Intelligence

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 334413 ] = Semiconductor and related device manufacturing – Hybrid integrated circuits manufacturing

[ 334515 ] = Instrument manufacturing for measuring and testing electricity and electrical signals – Integrated-circuit testers manufacturing

[ 423690 ] = Other electronic parts and equipment merchant wholesalers – Circuits, integrated, merchant wholesalers

[ 541512 ] = Computer systems design services – Local area network (LAN) computer systems integration design services

Industry Description

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Computer-Based Intelligence (CBI) represents a tremendous market for expanding the potentials of Humanity.  In the future, there may be an ever-growing market for products that have levels of “intelligence”.  Indeed, for computers that actually do think and produce independent thoughts.

Around the world, there are companies, universities, and individuals working to understand and create practical models for building intelligent computers.  They are working to understand how the human brain thinks, what intelligence really is, and ways to cause digital devices to perform intelligent functions.  In the future, THNC may be involved in limited ways with this research.  We will certainly monitor and report on these projects.