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Systems Leasing

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 532299 ] = All other consumer goods rental — Furniture, residential. rental or leasing

[ 532420 ] = Office machinery and equipment rental and leasing — Cash register rental or leasing

Industry Description

In the future, as home networks become more complex, it may become popular to lease an entire system and all of its peripherals.  Such an arrangement might have serious tax benefits for in-home businesses.  Home owners may receive long-term maintenance benefits by choosing not to perform system maintenance, upgrades, and repairs themselves.

Systems leasing may also have positive influences on manufacturers of home network components.  Higher quality devices might last longer and may be easier to maintain.  Although the purchase prices of such home networks may be higher, customers might only be concerned with their lease costs.  Higher quality systems combined with lower maintenance overhead costs would tend to drive lease costs downward.  Since leased home networks will be continually in use and properly maintained, such systems may increase home values.  In the future, home network system lease costs may provide tax benefits for those that file tax returns.