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Fiber Optic Cable

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 335921 ] = Fiber optic cable manufacturing – Fiber optic cable made from purchased fiber optic strand

Industry Description

In the future, there may be stores that cater to do-it-yourselfers (DIYs) that intend to complete all phases of their own home network installation.  THNC exists in-part to educate and support such people.  Since most fiber optic cable is purchased by professional companies that provide cable installation and termination services for customers, there may be limited resources for the general public.   Probably more important than the specific application and type of fiber purchased is a functional knowledge of the uses for fiber optics and everything needed to support those uses — installation methodology, tools for installing and terminating the cable, panels, connectors, VelCro straps, cable test equipment, and more.

It is also possible that traditional DIY retail stores will begin to carry several types of communications cable, including fiber optic cable, and related installation tools, finishing kits, and testers.

DIYs must remember that businesses selling cable and related products may not be there to educate the ignorant.  Clerks may always be happy to explain details about cable performance or usage, but their assistance is based on the assumption that customers have used similar products before or have a basic understanding of fiber optic cable.  Once more, these are situations that THNC can help its members be more knowledgeable about and prepare them to ask better questions.  Besides, DIYs that are THNC members may choose to buy everything they need through THNC’s online retail store.  They will have multiple resources for learning all that is needed for first-rate installations.