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Network Moving Services

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 541512 ] = Computer systems design services — Computer hardware consulting services or consultants

Industry Description

In the future, simplifying the complexities of moving a home network may involve a lot of system preparation.  Here are some of the possibilities.

The following is taken from “The Digital Home Network: Our Homes as Digital Centers”, a white paper by Jack Farnlacher, section II.E.5, “A Joy of Moving”, page 26.  “DHN” has been replace by “home network”; CBI is Computer-Based Intelligence.

Let’s imagine that you’ve built a home network and trained it well.  It suits your lifestyle, the home appliances you’re accustomed to using, and its database has all the information about family, friends, and business associates.  Then, the decision is made to relocate.  When you’re ready to move, you will take your home network with you.  Obviously, you can’t take the physical home network – panels, wiring, and central servers – all of these are built into the home.  You will be able to take the virtual home network – its memory, database, and archive – to install into the physical home network at your new location.  It means replicating everything, possibly downloading to a portable storage device or encrypting and sending it via one of the Internets[1].  It also means having the power of two versions of the home network, one at the new home, one at the old.  And each will keep the other up-to-date.  Just before the new owner arrives, you make sure the old home network has updated the new and systems checks are performed on both.  Your privacy and security are maintained at the old location by overwriting data with random 1s and 0s and validating the results of the clearing, along with reformatting memory and storage devices[2].  You can imagine similar steps that the new owners will take to be sure your old system is safe for them to use.

[1] Right now, there is the “old” Internet and the newer Internet2, begun in 1996.  Consider others intended for use only by CBIs.
[2] Full removal of all old data should become a standard procedure.  Total removal of all information must be accomplished by repeatedly overwriting every useable hard disk surface with random patterns.  This is to destroy any possible retrieval of information.