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Specialty Networks

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 238210 ] = Electrical Contractors and other wiring installation contractors – Computer and network cable installation

[ 423610 ] = Electrical apparatus and equipment, wiring supplies, and related equipment merchant wholesalers — Hardware, transmission pole and line, merchant wholesalers

[ 444130 ] = Hardware stores — Hardware stores

[ 811212 ] = Computer and office machine repair and maintenance — Computer equipment repair and maintenance services without retailing new computers

Industry Description

In the future, there may be opportunities for businesses to support special needs customers by  specializing their product lines and offering these products at stores and websites where these potential customers are likely to shop.  By creating advertising that features these specialty networks, businesses may be able to expand into markets previously unknown to them.  Senior citizens may find stores with products that help them remain in their homes; young families may find stores with products focusing on in-home education for children; young adults may find stores with products that help them write better resumes or help them with advanced skills that schools are not giving them.  In the future, THNC will try to appeal to many such topics in our Educational Presentations all of which will be available in our online retail store.