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Telecommunications Cable

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 335929 ] = Other communication and energy wire manufacturing – Comunications wire and cable, nonferrous, made from purchased wire

Industry Description

When new and remodeling projects are being planned, owners and architects should consider the types of cable required for the correct functioning of home networks and associated peripherals.  All types of interference must be considered to ensure that choices made later on are not compromised by incorrect telecommunications cable.  This is not an obvious or easy task since design and manufacturing specifications are always changing. 

Cable companies try to create products that will comply with design and performance protocols that may not have been finalized when the cable is manufactured.  Always be sure that correct handling, installation, and termination of all types of cable are clearly specified in writing and part of the documents on which contractors are bidding. 

Another great idea is insisting on the inclusion of performance guarantees.  Improperly installed cable may test properly when new but fail the same tests a year after the work is completed.  Modern forms of telecommunications cable are amazing products.  Home owners need to find contractors that “respect the cable” and install it properly.