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Security Systems

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 334290 ] = Other communications equipment manufacturing — Motion detectors, security system manufacturing

Industry Description

Today’s security systems can be as simple as a magnetic reed switch on the front door and a box containing a circuit board that does something when the door is opened.  The box may be attached to any number of other devices — battery backup, power supply, horn or siren, and a telephone dialer to call for help.  There may also be a fire or smoke detector attached to the box and another dialer to call a fire station. 

More complex current-day home security systems may also include multifunctional digital control panels with built-in abilities to process signals from an assortment of peripheral devices.  All of the following might be possible on a single security panel: monitor perimeter sensors for break-ins; monitor fire, smoke, CO, and heat rise; monitor motion detection, glass breakage, and perimeter security breaches. 

Most present-day devices are designed for use as stand-alone systems, but many have provisions for dialers to central-station monitoring services.  In the future, home networks may have more compatibility capabilities.  Many aspects of home networks involve some aspect of security, either about the home or about members of the family.