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Licensing and Standards

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 813920 ] = Professional organizations — Professional standards review boards

[ 925110 ] = Administration of housing programs — Building standards agencies, government

[ 926150 ] = Regulation, licensing, and inspection of miscellaneous commercial sectors — Inspection of labor standards; Occupational safety and health standards agencies

Industry Description

In the future, home networks may be important parts of regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, hospitalization, education, banking, in-home special services, and geriatrics.  This implies that home network performance may also need to comply with sets of standards.  It may be possible for each regulated industry to produce standards for each level of service or types of access between the home network and involved service providers.

In the future, licensing may encourage more widespread use of patented technologies.  This may provide ongoing control for uses of the technology in the home, just as standards help to advance reliable applications outside of the home.

Licensing and standards work together to define levels of performance and known capabilities.  Fees collected from licensing may help to fund ongoing research for the advancement of the technology.