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Component and Service Design

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 541330 ] = Engineering services — Acoustical system engineering design services

[ 541420 ] = Industrial design services — Automotive industrial design services

[ 541430 ] = Graphic design services — Communication design services, visual

[ 541490 ] = Other specialized design services — Clothing design services

[ 541511 ] = Custom computer design services — Computer software analysis and design services, custom

[ 541512 ] = Computer systems design services — CAD (computer-aided design) systems integration design services

Industry Description

Design and redesign are constant aspects for almost all manufacturing and affiliated environments.  Creative engineering, marketing, research and development, and dreamers are always looking for greater market share and designs for new applications for components and services to better link home networks to the families they serve and to businesses, both in and out of the home.  In the future, home networks may be involved by gathering almost insignificant data about the use of products that frequently is now too obscure to be harvested efficiently.