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List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 518210 ] = Data processing, hosting, and related services — disk and diskette re-certification services

[ 541380 ] = Testing laboratories — Calibration and certification testing laboratories or services

[ 926150 ] = Regulation, licensing, and inspection of miscellaneous commercial sectors — Occupational safety and health standards agencies; Standards, setting and management, agencies, government

Industry Description

Every industry has its own standards, protocols to guide its manufacturers, wholesalers, installers, and certification bodies.  Every new technology has groups of manufacturers, scientists, inventors, and other businesses that come together to help guide it. 

By forming alliances and collaborations, each industry moves forward in ways that encourage product line planning, investment of very large amounts of capital, building or retooling of huge manufacturing facilities, and global sales and marketing programs. 

In the future, home networks will certainly have such protocols in perhaps dozens of industries and types of applications.  THNC hopes to be a constructive partner in the development of such protocols by expanding the frontiers of home networking technology and uses.