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Industries of Home Networking

This section attempts to show the diversity of industries supporting and contributing to home networking. These lists contain 143 industries associated with home networking. In the Categories list shown to the right, click on the symbols ” + ” (expand) or “-” (collapse) for the lists. Screens for each industry have brief descriptions and one or more NAICS classifications.

What is a “home network”?

It is two or more devices, usually digital, hooked together using wireless or cable technology, and which works to improve the quality of life for occupants of the home.

These words may have no meaning to you. Or they might have a different meaning to you than someone else. Many people do not know that the term “home network” represents an accumulation of information from many sources.  Your need for home network information may be completely different from your neighbors.  And the industries that satisfy your needs may be totally different from theirs.

Using Keywords in Searches

It’s easy to find important words by entering them in the Search Industries field above.  Searches will locate all occurrences of your word(s) throughout these lists.  You can also use special features to refine your searches.  The Categories and Acronyms screen has more details about industry classification codes and abbreviations (acronyms) used in these lists.
Searching the Industries List — an example

Suppose that you need information about electrical contractors involved with home network systems. Consider a search for “home.”  In the Search Industries box, type “home” (without quotation marks) and click Search.  Refine your search using “home network system.”  Type “home network system” (this time with the quotation marks). One of the retrieved items shows the NAICS code 238210 for electrical contractors. Enter this number in the search box or combine these searches using +238210 +”home network system” in the search box.