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Code of Ethics

THNC’s code of ethics came from Mr. Frank W. Abignale.  He believes that every company should have, support, and live by its code of ethics, and so do we.  Ours is an adaptation of his document.

a. Internal Conduct and Practices

i.  Adherence to the Law:  In all pursuits on behalf of the company, volunteers and employees of The Home Network Center (THNC) are expected to abide by all established laws, refrain from all illegal activities, and recognize the intent – not just the letter – of law.
ii.  Conflicts of Interest:  THNC volunteers and employees are expected to avoid activities or influences that conflict with, compete with, or interfere with the performance of their duties or that give the appearance of doing so.
iii.  Financial Responsibility:  Use of THNC funds or funds of members by volunteers or employees is for legal and ethical business purposes only, and all transactions are properly and accurately recorded.
iv.  Confidentiality/Privacy:  THNC volunteers and employees will respect and treat as confidential all information available from company records or received in the course of voluntarism or employment.
v.  Personal and Corporate Accountability:  We must live by and apply THNC’s Ethical Standard so as to gauge the actions of ourselves as we do to gauge those of others.

b. External Relations and Practices

i.  Business Relations:  The interaction among THNC volunteers, employees, clients, members, customers, vendors, and the public at large is conducted openly, honestly, and according to the highest standards of business conduct.
ii.  Business Practices:  THNC volunteers and employees will not engage in any business practice that violates legal or ethical standards.
iii.  Political and Community Service Activities:  Volunteer and employee participation in political or charitable activities (including contributions of time, money, or resources) occurs on the employee’s own time and in no way reflects the position of THNC.

c. Compliance Procedures

i.  Reporting Violations:  It is the responsibility of all THNC volunteers and employees to bring violations, or suspected violations, of the Code of Ethics to the attention of their supervisor or the corporate ethics officer.
ii.  Penalties:  THNC volunteers and employees who fail to comply with the company’s Code of Ethics are subject to disciplinary action, which may include termination.