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Company Information

THNC Description

The Home Network Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, created to educate and protect the public about the technology that is coming into our homes. THNC will provide its members with home network services via telephone and its website. An online retail store will feature home networking products, THNC’s educational products, and THNC memberships.

What can THNC do for you?

We hope that people will THNC (think) about the home networking products and services they bring into their homes. Our programs will help protect you and your family from the encroachment of irresponsible elements of technological development.Home networks will change the way we live, expand what we can do with our lives, and extend human potential. Almost every home may ultimately be affected by this technology.  THNC intends to offer services and products to empower all Americans to enrich their lives through uses of this technology.

Are my donations deductible?

Yes, to the full extent allowed by the IRS.  As a 501(c)(3) Ohio-based nonprofit corporation, THNC appreciates your donations very much. Your contributions of money, services, gifts-in-kind, and securities are tax-deductible as allowed by law, and will be used entirely to further the programs described in THNC’s Mission Statement.

What is the THNC Voucher Program?

This program provides customers with vouchers rather than cash refunds.  Payments sent to THNC for membership dues, services, or products automatically cause letters to be sent to the customers indicating the amount allowed by the IRS as deduction on customers’ tax returns.Customers agree to the conditions of the voucher program with every cash transaction.  Whenever a refund is required, customers will be issued a voucher instead of cash refund.  This voucher can be used to pay for additional purchases until the full amount of the voucher is consumed. If the customer does not want the voucher to be used in this way, a list of other national and international nonprofits will be provided.  THNC will make a contribution to one of these organizations in the customer’s name.

What can THNC do for Humanity?

We will work to educate and protect people regarding home networking.  We will share reliable information about technology and help protect the public from improper use of that technology.  THNC’s primary reasons for existence are humanitarian – to help protect Humanity from the encroachment of non-responsible elements of technology that are threatening the sanctity of the home.

We will work to replace ignorance with knowledge.  We will empower people with quality information and help them make better decisions.  People may always encounter sources of corruption and uncaring, unprincipled entrepreneurs.  When they do, THNC wants people to be prepared and able to act properly.   Profit and personal business success are good things when balanced with a healthy respect for the best interests of customers.

THNC will bring together vast amounts of home network information coming from hundreds of industries and other sources.  The power of this work will provide – in one place – an extensive, reliable, and vetted source of information for the public and our members.