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Free Trial


Free Trials

Your Free Trial requires no payment.  A registration form must be completed. You can login to thnc.org as many times as you like during your 90-day Free Trial period. To continue using our services after your Free Trial ends, you will need to become a member.

Memberships at THNC

In the future, THNC will offer seven types of regular memberships. Learn more about General Memberships and Participating Memberships.

Also in the future, THNC will offer instructional products to be called Educational Presentations (EPs). When people that are not regular members purchase any EP, they will receive a six-week pass (actually, each will be 43 days long). During their instructional period, we will call them Matts and Matildas. 

This type of access enables nonmembers to enjoy nearly the same level of access to thnc.org as regular members while they complete their EP.  Matts and Matildas begin their six-week passes when they coplete their online registration.  This feature will make EPs ideal gifts since they can be purchased ahead of time.  When THNC’s Retail Store opens, Matts and Matildas will qualify for 10% discounts on purchases.

Extended Free Access Service

In the future, we also intend to offer THNC services at local public libraries, vocational training, veteran services, and other adult learning centers.  This free access to thnc.org will, if possible, be available all across America.